Deer Creek Guard Station Cabin

  • check-in 2:00 pm
  • check-out 12:00 pm
  • cancellation fee:  Yes

After leaving Yellowstone National Park we drove south through the Grand Teton National Park and Teton-Bridger National Forest to make our way to Deer Creek Guard Station. This was another cabin I booked through

Once we arrived we could only see the cabin in the distance behind the locked gate.

While the Yellowstone cabin was my favorite place to stay due to the location, Deer Creek Guard Station was overall the best cabin when considering the cabin and amenities along with the location.


We entered the cabin through the side door and found ourselves in the kitchen.  The refrigerator, stove, and lights were powered by propane.  The door to the bathroom was located next to the sink.

The main room, with 3 bunk beds, was a good size for a family of 4.  The lights were powered by propane.   The cabin was clean and well kept.

When we arrived the fire ring was already prepped for a fire.  We lit it up and made chili dogs  Then after dark we made s’mores.

While hanging out around the campfire and exploring the back yard we discovered why it was called Deer Creek.



I would recommend a stay at Deer Creek Guard Station Cabin, for any adventurous family or group that can live without phone service for a few days.


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