State Game Lodge Cabin, SD

  • Cancellation Fee: Yes

After visiting Wall Drugstore and spending the night in Wall, SD, we headed out to see Mount Rushmore.  Then we headed on down to Custer State Park.  Custer State Park had an entrance fee of $20.00

The State Game Lodge is located in Custer State Park.   We stayed in the one and only Large Sleeping Cabin which is located just down the road from the lodge.  It had a fire ring which we used after dinner to enjoy a campfire and make smores.  Unlike our previous cabin, this one had an indoor bathroom.  There was nothing too remarkable to mention about this cabin aside from its location inside of Custer State Park.  I booked our stay through

The lodge was a beautiful, historic building, and we enjoyed dinner in the restaurant and browsing through the gift shop.

Because we were located so close to the wildlife loop road, we drove it twice.  Once in the afternoon that we arrived, and again in the early morning.   In the afternoon, we saw antelope, prairie dogs, and donkeys.


But, it was on our early morning drive that we became part of the bison herd.  Some bison walked so near to our van that I almost felt I could reach out and touch them.  It was a beautiful moment.  (While we did see single bison up close in Yellowstone, we were never this close to such a large herd.)  Young bison were running and playing and butting heads in the grassy area just beside our van!

After our stay at Custer State Park, we headed out to lunch in Deadwood and then moved on to Summit Ridge Lookout Cabin.


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