Big Sioux Recreation Area, SD – Cabin 2

  • Check-in 4:00 pm
  • Check-out 12:00pm
  • Cancellation Fee: Yes

We stayed at two State Parks while traveling through South Dakota.  We reached Big Sioux Recreation Area shortly after crossing over from Minnesota to South Dakota.  This State Park featured campgrounds, RV sites, and 3 camping cabins.  We stayed in Cabin 2.    The camping cabins did not have indoor plumbing, but there were vault toilets nearby, and a comfort station with showers and flush toilets toward the front of the campground loop.

Firewood cart.

The entrance was not manned when we arrived in the afternoon, and we paid our $7 entry fee, by filling out a small pass and inserting our money into a small envelope which we dropped through a slot.   We were also able to buy a $5 bundle of firewood, from a firewood cart behind the entrance building, and dropped our payment in the same slot.

Cabin 2
Cabin 2

Cabin 2 was located closest to the vault toilets, and while sitting around our campfire, I only noticed one other camper coming out to use those facilities.  Yet, if you prefer a more private cabin, I would choose Cabin 1 or 3.  For us Cabin 2 was perfect.

It was furnished with a bunk bed that had a double bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top and a twin bed.  Mattresses were provided, but we did bring our own sheets.

While hanging out at the cabin, a rabbit hopped by, the fireflies were noticeable at dusk, and we were visited by a raccoon while enjoying the campfire.

We have AT&T and our reception was good.

The cabin and facilities were clean and well kept.

I would recommend this quaint little camper cabin if you are passing through this area.  It was a great place to rest and relax after a long drive.  From here we headed out to the Badlands and Wall, SD.

Shared showers in the comfort station were behind a partitioned door and were well kept.

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