Hello Kitty Haul #aliexpress

Yesterday, I had a mailbox full of packages and two of the items that arrived were my Hello Kitty calculator and contact lens case.  I wish I could say cases, because I ordered 2, but the store I purchased it from only sent one 😦  Still it is a very cute case and I am checking with the seller to see if they will send me the 2nd one I paid for.

My calculator is actually a little different then pictured in the ad, but I think I may like this one better.   The three buttons on the Left with Chinese Characters were are not the same as the picture in the ad.  After playing around with it a bit, I figured out they are for sound volume, date/time, and alarm.   This calculator talks to me in Chinese, and comes with a calendar/clock and alarm as well!  I had to play around with it for quite some time to figure out how to set the date, time and alarm, but once I did, I decided to use it as my desktop clock.  The ad claimed that the calculator was solar, but I had to install 2 triple A batteries before it would work so I’m not sure at all what the solar panel is for!  Still a cute little clock calculator, which looks adorable on my desk!

I usually provide a link to the seller, but until I see my 2nd case, I’m going to skip sending you to a seller who may or may not send you all you order.


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