Suite Escapes Vacation Rentals

Mini Review: Suite Escapes Vacation Rentals :) #disneyland #anaheimconventioncenter

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On our Volleyball trip this summer we went to Anaheim and my daughter played in the Anaheim Soiree.  We had such a great time and her team placed 2nd in their division!

We traveled to the Anaheim Soiree last year as well.  Last year we tried to book at an independent hotel near to the Convention Center and found that our idea of confirmation and theirs did not match up.   As our trip neared my mom, who was traveling with us and had booked our rooms directly, was emailed by the hotel that our confirmed room pricing would not be honored.  This left us with the feeling they were a sleazy operation, and 3 days before our trip I found myself looking for another hotel. By this time many hotels were already booked and I ended up booking at a chain hotel that failed to impress me.

This year was totally different.  We booked a Suite Escapes Vacation Rental townhouse 🙂 very close to the Convention Center.   We were so happy with our accommodations!  It was clean and spacious and a perfect base to come back to after visiting the California Science Center 🙂 and Harvey Mudd college, lunching with friends who live in the LA area, visiting Universal Studios 🙂 , and of course, walking over to the Convention Center to watch my daughter play.  I found it a little farther then we would want to walk back to after a long day at Disneyland :). But we were able to catch the free shuttle to Disneyland’s Toy Story Parking Lot, then the walk from the parking lot to the townhouse was just about 20 minutes.

On our last day in the townhouse, we had a knock at the door, and was surprised to see my husband’s classmate that he hadn’t seen in years.  Coincidentally, his classmate was a volleyball Coach and his Las Vegas team was renting out a few of the other Suite Escapes rentals in the complex!  They were happy with their stay as well.

I won’t go into details about the rentals as they do a great job of showcasing their townhouses on their website with their descriptions and many pictures.  I will say that they were charming and clean and also recommend these rental to anyone who is planning a 3 night or more visit to the Anaheim Convention Center or Disneyland if you don’t mind they extra walk. We only had 3 of us until my daughter joined us for the last 3 days of our stay, but each townhouse can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Suite Escape Vacation Rentals 🙂 🙂 🙂


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