Dr. Jart + :(

After trying a couple of BB Creams and enjoying the lightweight feel of them, I decided to try a Korean brand and went for Dr. Jart+ Silver Label Rejuvenating BB with SPF 35.   I actually received it in the mail right before my trip, but just got around to  trying it out today.  It did even out my skin tone and I do like the lightweight feel of the BB, but I found it left a grey cast to my skin (I am light/medium to medium with warm undertones).   I had to warm up my face with a bit of bronze.  Maybe it would work better for someone with a lighter skin tone.  My first impression is that it is not a good fit for my skin type, but I will work with it a little more and try to finish up the 1.7 FL oz tube.

Also the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream I received in my Birchbox Beauty Box is not a favorite either.  It seems to do a good job moisturizing, but I can not get past the strong smell.

So for me the 2 Dr. Jart+ items I have tried have been misses 😦


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