Disney Pin Trading

Disneyland Disney Pin Trading

We just traveled to Anaheim, California for the Anaheim Soiree, which is a annual volleyball tournament by the SCVA.  My daughter’s Volleyball team did well and we celebrated their 2nd place finish in Disneyland.  The greeter at the front of California Adventure was nice enough to give me 11 I’m Celebrating Button Pins for the team!  This was a nice touch for the girls!

Other Pins
Non Disney 2015 Summer Soiree Anaheim California Pin and I’m Celebrating Disneyland pin.

My sister in law had told us about trading pins just before our trip last year, but I didn’t have time to pick up pins for my kids. Still, while walking through the park, I did notice several cast members with lanyards full of pins.    This year, I made trading pin lanyards for each girl on the team.  I started them off with a generic black lanyard, and 5 trading pins each.

trading lanyard
My trading lanyard.  Love those nerdy Disney characters!

Honestly, in our first couple of days in Disneyland we were too busy getting fast passes and riding rides to do much trading.  I traded just a few pins on those days.  But, on our last day in Disneyland (which was our 4th day!), my daughter and I had so much fun trading for pins as we shopped.  Some shops had a display board in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head which were full of pins.  There were also various cast members wearing lanyards around the park.   If you see a pin you like on the boards or on the lanyards, you just ask to trade.  My daughter picked up a really cute Goofy pin, and I was trading for nerdy pins of the different characters wearing glasses.  I was also on the look out for Duffy and Fozzie Bear.  I found many different Duffy Pins, but no Fozzie Bear.  There were mystery pins to trade for also, but I really need to look up how those trades work, because while I saw the hidden pins on the cast member’s lanyard, I did not know at the time they were mystery pins you could trade for.

Disney Pin Trading
Disney Pin Trading

I recommend trading pins as a fun activity to families who are spending several days in the park.

Here are the trading pins I purchased during this park visit.

Disney trading pins
Disney trading pins: Star Tours, 2015 Disney Spinner, Disneyland 60 Diamond Anniversary with Mickey Mouse, Disneyland 60 Diamond Anniversary with Minnie Mouse.

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