e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadows plus

When I ran across the e.l.f. 40% off sale, I couldn’t resist placing an order.  Part of my haul included the beautiful e.l.f. baked eyeshadows.  I purchased 4 colors:  bronze beauty, enchanted, toasted, and bark.  They are all lovely, highly pigmented, glowing colors that feel silky on the skin, but bronze beauty really jumped out to me as a color I wanted to try . Unfortunately, I was greeted by bronze beauty as soon as I opened my e.l.f. order.  It was  a dusty cast over all my newly purchased makeup and makeup brushes.  It broke in shipment  😦  But, not to worry.  e.l.f. is sending me out a replacement.

I wanted to try these eye baked shadows after watching several “favorite e.l.f. products” YouTube videos including one by KathleenLights.

Elf lip blams and gloss
Elf lip blams and gloss

My impulse buys were these three lip products.  They included a balm with SPF 15, a Vanilla Creme soothing lip balm, and a Coco Loco Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick which also wears more like a lip balm.

I purchased the balm with SPF 15 for those hot Hawaii summer days which I will be spending in the sun or at the beach.

I’m not a beauty expert or guru!  I’m just always looking for natural, neutral shades for my sun kissed medium/light skin tone.


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